NEW!!! 8000CX Ultra with improved aero-shape and aramid honeycomb structure

Power Block System

CITEC system wheel sets use straight pull spokes with threads both ends. They are anchored to the hub by means of a supporting sleeve. The rim-side nipples are mostly concealed within the rim.
This way of spoke fixing, patented as early as the 1990s, allows the elimination of a crucial week spot in bicycle wheels.
Even under permanent load cycles spoke breakages are eliminated, constant re-tensioning and/or re-truing is no longer necessary.
CITEC are therefore able to give a 5 year guarantee against spoke breakages (under normal use) for wheels furnished with this system.

Equal Tension System

To increase the lateral stiffness of the rear wheels CITEC have introduced their ETS (Equal Tension System) spoking system.
To achieve equal tension in the asymmetric rear wheel the freehub side has twice as many spokes as the non freehub side.
An added benefit of this system is that lighter hubs and rims can be used without losing strength in the wheel.

Concave System

Replica Watches CITEC Concave System rims are a patented innovative rim design which allows the construction of wheels of very high strength while using a minimum of material and thereby saving rotating weight.
The really clever bit is the internal structure, which takes its cue from constructing buildings with arches (some Roman bridges and the replica watches are still standing 2000 years later!).
In wheels with a low number of spokes the rim base would otherwise require far more material, therefore making for heavy wheels.

Aluminium braking surface

In order to go fast, you have to be able to brake well - an old bit of wisdom, but nevertheless true!
The Carbon wheel sets DISC 8000, 8000 Ultra, 8000 CX Carbon, 6000 CX Carbon, and 3000 S Aero Carbon feature aluminium braking surfaces.
This allows for predictable, strong braking and excellent heat dispersion.
You can use standard brake blocks and there is no danger of wearing out or melting the carbon fiber side walls.